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Something soon.

2008-11-15 13:05:38 by Shnibs

Something about holding breath and other crap happening.
Warning: contains actual people and lip sync

Makin' a new randomology

2008-11-05 13:27:22 by Shnibs

It's now animated at 24 FPS.
So it's gonna be SMOOTHER!

It's my birthday today

2008-11-02 14:11:42 by Shnibs

I am now 1 year older than I was yesterday!

My hobby is animating

2008-10-15 14:03:49 by Shnibs

What is yours?

4 sketches done

2008-10-13 14:58:14 by Shnibs

Here's a picture from the first sketch

4 sketches done

Halloween flash

2008-10-13 14:23:43 by Shnibs

Okay, 2 things about it,
1. it's a flash cartoon not a claymation

2. I've done 2 sketches of it.


2008-10-12 06:28:30 by Shnibs

Just thought I would say hello.
Plus, I thought I would also ask...
How are you.

instead of a flash. I will make a claymation. YAY!
You probably don't care. just an update

New phone passed.

2008-10-03 15:52:39 by Shnibs

But I don't think it did too well.
Oh well

New phone under judgement!

2008-10-03 14:55:48 by Shnibs

It's exciting!