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New phone animation is done

2008-10-01 13:20:03 by Shnibs

Yeah, all that's left to do is add the sound and export it. Then the people of NG can watch!

"wanty new phone"
Coming soon.....


In other news:
After I have finished this, I shall start work on a halloween flash. Which will NOT involve the wanty people. It will have REAL people.
Not sure on the story, but it will come soon.

Improvements in wanty phone.

2008-09-28 15:21:14 by Shnibs

The character moves his feet when he walks.
The animation is smoother due to a faster frame rate.
I have used layers in this one. YAY!
The head and stuff moves better without any other ink bits being left behind.
It is not as cruel as "Wanty apple". (But it's still pretty cruel)
There are other people in it.

Hope that's good enough. It may be finished in about 2-3 days.

Wanty new phone is going well

2008-09-28 12:31:34 by Shnibs

IT is going well. Not sure about some of animation. But it's an improvement to "wanty apple".
Just a little bit more to go, then I can add the preloader and the sounds, then put it up here.
(Only if it doesn't get blammed)

Wanty new phone

2008-09-27 12:34:03 by Shnibs

Yeah, I started animating it again. After lots and lots of weeks, it's back in the process. I just stopped using flash for a while.
So it will be coming soon!

Wanty new phone

Coming soon........ again

2008-09-25 14:43:25 by Shnibs

I may put an old lego thing up. You like lego stuff right?
Or maybe a quick flash.
I don't know.
The lego thing will be quicker cause I've already done it. But flash is quite quick for me. But what the hell.
Maybe I'll let you guys decide. The wonderful people of Newgrounds!

Next flash

2008-09-03 06:53:34 by Shnibs

My next flash is going to be the same guy who was in "Wanty apple".
Except it's about him wanting a new mobile/cellular phone.
It's called "wanty new phone".
Coming this week

coming soon

2008-09-01 06:24:08 by Shnibs

my first flash cartoon will be coming soon.
Either later in the day or tommorow.

happy summer!

2008-07-25 04:29:24 by Shnibs

The summer is here.
so lets all cheer!
anyways, have a nice summer,
from me

rob and bob computer wars

2008-07-24 16:43:12 by Shnibs

What happened with it was not intentional.
there was supposed to be a video in that window, but something weird happened.
I don't know why there was a blank white screen and why the voices went really fast.
I don't know what I did wrong, I will try to submit it. But until then, you will have to wait

Coming soon:

2008-07-16 11:09:31 by Shnibs

Rob and Bob: computer wars.

The title is self explanitory.
So anyway, it's coming soon