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It's been a while

2009-03-05 12:25:37 by Shnibs

yeah, I've been inactive lately because I've been sick.
plus, I got hooked up into youtube's hypnotic ability that it has. ( I don't know where that came from).
plus, I've given up on that claymation I mentioned and instead, I'm making some strange flash which was started about 2 weeks ago
peace out!


2009-02-12 12:17:09 by Shnibs

yes, I am creating a new claymation
And I can finally submit it here because I have a new flash software
not sure what's gonna happen, but I'll think and do it


Watchy watchy!

2009-01-31 15:31:10 by Shnibs

New flash. Located riiiiiiiggggghhhhhttttt here
well, might as well leave an update:

got nothing planned really, just thought I might make a second "gingah ninja" advert

I was making some weird A team parody sort of thing, but I stopped, because I had to charge my camera

Yeah, I may submit a claymation on here again. It's been a while!

So that's what I've got planned for the beginning of 2009.
That is all


new flash software

2009-01-25 05:59:40 by Shnibs

yeah, I got a new flash software.
here is a picture of it.
And an animation I won't submit.

Pineapples are awesome

new flash software

proud of this song!

2009-01-03 08:17:42 by Shnibs

I think this is the best song that I have produced from my nipples.
It is called whatever =l
And you can find it somewhere.

Please listen

Animal crossing

2009-01-02 20:00:54 by Shnibs

What's so great about it?
It doesn't look like a normal eye catching game.
All it looks like is walking around visiting someone else's town and doing stuff with friends
If you wanna visit a place with your friends then why not stop playing video games and do something social??????

Also, I think I found out that animal crossing is a game MAINLY aimed at girls.
So why are a bunch of boys playing it.

Also, I don't think it is very entertaining.
All it looks like is the same thing over and over and over again. Except the talking to friends and buying fake things. But like I said, if you wanna do that, get off your arse and talk to them in person.

So enough ranting. All I wanted to know was why is this "game" So entertaining?

please watch my Music video.

2008-12-28 12:06:10 by Shnibs

yeah, please see it.
I don't like my things being ignored.
ha! a link.

oh, and merry Christmas with a happy new year thrown in.

Started a christmas flash.

2008-12-14 13:49:05 by Shnibs

Hopefully it's funnier than my older crap. Also there's lip sync. So it will take a while. Even though it's about 50 seconds or so.
but hey.

You're walking down the street when suddenly, an evil Mole (one on your face) tries to give you a special pen that sings bohemiam Rapsody.
But then you decide that this once in a life time opportunity Is not a very good oportunity. But then the mole gives that Pen to Colonel Sanders.
Then this pen is so amusing to colonel Sanders that he eats it and then craps it out, it then becomes the new Kentucky fried chicken. The one that sings queen. But in Sanders' digestive track, the pen then learned all of the songs by queen. Now the chicken is performing in Milton Keynes, new york, London, washington, brisbonne, Sydney and California.

It happened to me about 3 or 4 times

How many times has this happened to you?

St. Jimmy by Green day

2008-12-06 11:05:16 by Shnibs

Is an awesome song so I'm making a music flash for it